Convergence of Innovative Minds and Great Ideas


Convergere means convergence in Latin. We converge and use our minds to develop great ideas and innovate on ways to provide awesome Writing for coaches, executives, consultants and small companies. Our messages are presented more direct and effective, keeping sentences short and to the point, while always striving for clarity.

Convergere is ConvergeRE – A convergence of REvolutionized Writing methodologies, along with leading-edge business practices to convey your information with precision, conciseness and simplicity. Just like you want in the business messages and documents you read.

Our lean Writing conveys what is necessary to understand your vision in just a few words, to get maximum impact and dramatically improve your content development. We use simple and direct Writing for your readers to take the action you want.

As we create a smooth flow of value to your readers and pull value (understanding) from every part of your work, we focus on cutting down the unnecessary to keep your message clear and your audience engaged. We simply go lean to get the point across.