Our practice is easy and efficient. We begin by describing the way you have led the greater part of your life in a professional non-confrontational manner. Then we ask for your help in solving the current situation. Subsequently, we identify and discuss possible causes of the problems and you help us to write down possible solutions. What is next is to decide on specific actions to be taken on your side and agree on a specific follow-up date.
Every style of our integration coaching follows and combines the best methodologies used in process improvement (5S, Kata, Kaizen and Lean 6 Sigma) to help you GROW.
We can help you to think and act to consistently develop ingenious solutions to meet the goals for your growth through understanding the direction or challenge, grasping the current condition, establishing the next target condition and experimenting toward the target condition (while having lots of fun of course!)
Our practice relies on a collaborative effort with you to integrate your personality by systematically removing non value added thoughts from the ego leading to non grata emotions, non value actions and emotional baggage through the following steps:
1. Preliminary assessment.
2. Analysis.
3. Root-cause identification.
4. Suggestions.
5. Implement suggestions with your contribution.