Lean Business Writing


Lean and Clean Business Writing Made For You.

At ConvergeRE, we cut the flabby prose and make your Business Writing clean and to the point. For us, targeting and removing excess is an essential improvement activity. With our help your Business Writing is unique and better than the rest. Our Lean Business Writing keeps your audience in focus, while using simple words and short sentences.

Do you need to provide clarity and simplicity to your Business Writing? Do you want to create a stronger purpose and attract new opportunities? Be at ease. We got your back.

Business Writing

Business Writing is a form of professional communication. Business Writing includes many forms of Writing that are used in companies to communicate with internal or external audiences. Some examples of those are memorandums, reports, proposals and emails, among others. The world of Business Writing can seem big enough sometimes. Varying scenarios require varying forms of Business Writing.

Lean Business Writing

Our Lean Business Writing makes our customers successful in the business world because it empowers their ability to communicate and launch their ideas best. We craft a powerful and Lean Business Writing to activate their business voices. Our Lean Business Writing is all about our readers and our customers’ readers. Our Lean Business Writing is just as much about strategic mindset as it is about Business Writing, clear and clean.

Our Lean Business Writing helps you plan out what you will say to make your Business Writing more direct and effective. We always use words sparingly and keep sentences short and to the point. Our Lean Business Writing practice also avoids jargon and “fancy” words. We always strive for clarity instead.

Dirigere, volgere, indirizzare, far tendere, rivolgere verso uno scopo. Yes, at ConvergeRE, we direct, tune and turn our actions to offer the best Lean Business Writing service. Our practice is easy and efficient. We begin by prewriting to understand your motivation and audience awareness through outlining, diagramming, and storyboarding. The second stage is drafting, where we develop a more cohesive product while elaborating on key ideas. Subsequently, we review, alter and amend your message according to what has been written in the draft. The fourth step is proofreading, where we detect and correct any production errors found in the Business Writing. What is next is publishing. Here you decide when and where you make your information available to the general public.

All of our Lean Business Writing services explore and combine the best methodologies used in process improvement to convey your message clearly and effectively.

Our Lean Business Writing work is done by thinking and acting consistently to develop ingenious ways of Business Writing and exceed your expectations. For Us, it’s about practicing scientific thinking to pursue challenging goals while improving, adapting, innovating and achieving whatever we set out to do!