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When people explore their own view and how they function, they can change the entire context of their lives, their families and their organizations. A butterfly effect takes place. This transformation into self-awareness creates a ripple affecting others around them. These individuals have the capacity to influence others and motivate them to overcome their own challenges. If they begin to see their own strengths and develop them, they can persuade others to do the same. When this happens, the human side evolves, the mind expands and the psyque integrates. We named our practice as integration coaching because it helps to integrate your personality by understanding your behaviors and attitudes through consciousness. Our coaching is a very powerful and effective system, which provide you with an enormous amount of knowledge for your inner work and draw your attention towards the things that can be improved in your life, your work area or your business. This is the cornerstone of our coaching services. Our program will lead you to discover your great talents and find a path to success.
Life & Career Coaching

Our life and career coaching addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in clients personal life, relationships or professions; while refocusing on their life’s goals and overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of integrating their behavior.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching focus on developing your leadership skills and maximize your potential. With this program, you will learn the skills needed to drive and manage change, build highly productive teams, manage time and thrive in the most challenging and complex situations through a high-level of self-awareness.

Business Coaching

Our business coaching is designed to help you make more effective decisions that lead to powerful results. With this program you get the management consulting expertise to tackle challenges head on, break through restraints and put groundbreaking business consulting ideas into action with confidence — ultimately improving your decisions and business results.

Team Coaching

When teams work fluidly, people do well, and the business works. The excellent results come from a combined better creativity and focus on what is important, which gives their work a better performance and enhances team productivity. Our team coaching is a previously tested catalyst in this skilled circle.


In Business

Our integration coaching is used to develop a more humane and person-centered approach to the workplace. This way, Executives, Team Leaders and Business Owners can attract and retain valuable employees to achieve peak productivity.

In Relationships

Our integration coaching can help individuals become much more clear about their relationship values, expectations, communication and argument styles to develop self-acceptance and improve their quality of life.

In Personal Growth

Our integration coaching can be used to point out the patterns of distortions and illusions that Individuals mistakenly take to be themselves and generate a gradual process of change and higher levels of consciousness.

About US

We are a group of savvy and skillful professionals who are eager to help you attain your goals. We are here to help you reach your great potentials and improve your quality of life with responsibility and freedom. We can guide you to empower your choice and build awareness.
We integrate your inner change

ConvergeRE started in 2014. The company was originated as an initiative to provide revolutionary life and fitness coaching services to executives and selected groups in the corporate world. Later on, this group of entrepreneurs decided to extend the practice to start-ups, small and medium size companies, non-profit organizations and school districts. Now, the practice has evolved and turned into what is known as Integration Coaching. Today, we are the only choice for those individuals that are ready to walk the path of self-knowledge and discover their essence through leading-edge coaching practices and innovative re-engineering techniques. We aim to develop a better and more efficient communication for our clients, their families, the society and the world. We want to standardize compassion and understanding for everyone, offering innovative ways that empower our customers to grow. But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you want to develop strong and committed ties with your community; or you want to make more effective decisions that lead to powerful results; or you want to develop your leadership skills and maximize your potential; you need a powerful and effective way of self-observation that can guide you to the deepest levels of your being, so you can focus on your gradual process of change and consciousness.

  • We do coaching lean and clean.

    Our work is based on the persistent elimination of prejudices.

  • Work on small improvements

    Reflect and learn.

  • How can I improve this today?

    Find the way to make things better.

  • Success is to try and fail from time to time.

    Time lost will never be recovered.

Our Team

Our environment is secure and responsible. We also cultivate an ambience of integrity and patience. We are here to develop people and to coach, not to do though. Our coaching is done with compassion and generosity, but more importantly, with passion! We lead and then evaluate. We help to recognize and eliminate roadblocks and obstacles.
We do all this with humility and curiosity.
We have fun!

Is integration coaching for me?

We are here to help

For us, feedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of ourselves and our surroundings to adjust and improve current and future actions and behaviors. Touch base with us and let's get together!