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At ConvergeRE, we do Business Writing, simplified. Because we know that Business Writing is the frame work of our business communication. We are encountered with Business Writing every day of our lives. Words can take a bounty of forms within Business Writing, but when it comes to our Lean Business Writing, we emphasize the essential, while cutting out the extraneous. Our Lean Business Writing is powerful, because we know that every single word that can be cut should be cut. At ConvergeRE, we cut the flabby prose and make your Business Writing clean and to the point. For us, targeting and removing excess is an essential improvement activity. With our help your Business Writing is unique and better than the rest. Our Lean Business Writing is not a service: it is a great experience. It's the one that starts with a connection: between you and us. From here a process of ideas, hands, passion and skill begins to increase sustainable proven value for both your customers and your business. You choose the Business Writing. We do the rest.
Instructional Business Writing

Our Instructional Business Writing helps you develop clear user manuals, specifications and memos by breaking down any process into steps that are understandable to the readers. Our Instructional Business Writing emphasizes the importance of direct instructions, the use of an effective distribution, but more importantly, the value of having a good user experience and a happy customer.

Informational Business Writing

With our Informational Business Writing, we provide clarity and simplicity to the less glamorous but still essential documents in your organization. Our Informational Business Writing helps you create reports, financials (fiscal snapshots of a company over defined periods) and concise minutes that allow your readers to easily grasp the content and if applicable, make informed decisions.

Persuasive Business Writing

Our Persuasive Business Writing helps you develop effective sales proposals to outline any offer to your clients and create sales emails to pitch what is essential in your product or service. With our Persuasive Business Writing, you also integrate powerful press releases to persuade your readers to share the content through their own channels. The point is to impress your readers and sway their decision.

Transactional Business Writing

With our Transactional Business Writing, we take care of those documents (official letters, forms and invoices) that are used to progress general operations in your company. Our Transactional Business Writing helps you create a compelling, but lean way to convey good or bad news, via emails or dismissal notices. We help you communicate the information between your staff or clients in business activities clean and simple.


Attract The Right Clients

Our Lean Business Writing helps you get the right clients visiting your website, build a social media following platform and stand out in your niche.

Improve SEO

Our Lean Business Writing is the best way to add great content and keywords to your website so that you show up at the top of your potential audience search.

Build Your Personal Brand

Our Lean Business Writing helps you build a powerful, positive and highly regarded reputation that will precede and pave the way for you.

About US

ConvergeRE is Lean Business Writing that rocks. We are a group of savvy and skillful entrepreneurs, Business Writing professionals and staff members who are eager to help you attain your Business Writing goals. We are here to create a steady stream of wonderful Lean Business Writing for you to share and discuss on social media. Our Lean Business Writing helps you get noticed as an expert in your niche and attract new opportunities, develop the right audience awareness, create a stronger purpose and have more clarity and conciseness. Our Lean Business Writing is an effective way to help you get differentiated from your competitors and get maximum impact for your continuous business success.
We Go Lean To Get Your Point Across.

ConvergeRE started in 2014. The company was originated as an initiative to provide revolutionary Business Writing services to executives and selected groups in the corporate world. Later on, this group of entrepreneurs decided to extend these Business Writing services to professionals like coaches and consultants; but also to start-ups, small to medium size companies and non-profit organizations. As more and more information flows to us, we become more and more scrupulous. We know that no one has time to read through pages of documents or read lengthy articles on the internet. Users only scan through the highlights, look for the most important points and move on to the next piece of information they want to read and learn. Now, our Business Writing efforts have evolved and turned into what is known as Lean Business Writing: An innovative way of communicating as much as we can with as few words as we can. Our Lean Business Writing aims to eliminate unnecessary words, punctuation and complex sentences to make reading as clear and concise as possible. Our Lean Business Writing also keeps the audience in focus and makes use of simple words and short sentences. With our Lean Business Writing, we eliminate junk words and repetition, while carrying only one strong idea to make the Business Writing more compelling and engaging. You can find our work in the form of resume writing, ghostwriting, copywriting and blogging on UpWork, LinkedIn ProFinder, Freelancer, Guru, Peopleperhour, Freelance Writing Gigs, Simply Hired, IFreelance, Aquent, The Creative Group and Kolabtree, among others. Today, we are the only choice for those individuals and companies that are ready to walk the path of continuous improvement and discover new ways of Business Writing. Our Lean Business Writing services aim to develop a better and more efficient communication for our clients, their families, the society and the world. At ConvergeRE, we homogenize a new way of Business Writing through adaptiveness and innovation for everyone. Our mind-blowing Lean Business Writing empowers our customers to grow. But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you want an awesome resume writing service to communicate in a lean but clear manner the benefits you will bring to the job if hired; or perhaps you require to increase your credibility and attract more clients; you need a punchy and concise way of Lean Business Writing that help you share your gifts with the world, so you can focus on breaking new grounds in your company.

  • We do Business Writing lean and clean

    Our Lean Business Writing is based on the persistent elimination of waste. Our team constantly identify any abnormalities in the Business Writing process to provide an amazing customer service. We carefully organize our Lean Business Writing and order the priorities and tasks to exceed our customer expectations.

  • We work on small improvements

    Our Management always reflects and learns. We set up key metrics and identify breakthrough objectives when it comes to our Lean Business Writing. We also set annual plans for our Lean Business Writing practice and review results on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually basis. Our Lean Business Writing is done right the first time - consciousness and quality.

  • How can we improve this today?

    We always find the way to make things better when it comes to our Lean Business Writing. We normalize our tasks and actions through practice. We also follow the scientific method and the best process improvement techniques in our Lean Business Writing work to create a culture of continuous improvement. We know that discipline is the key to success.

  • Success is to try and fail from time to time

    In our Lean Business Writing work, we learn from the mistakes to unlock our greater potential because we know errors are a tool for success. We understand flaws help us to refine our path and allow us to learn what works and what does not with our Lean Business Writing practice. We know that time lost will never be recovered.

Our Team

Our environment is secure and responsible. We also cultivate an ambience of integrity and patience. In our Lean Business Writing practice, we enable people to make decisions more autonomously. Our Lean Business Writing is done with enthusiasm and the scientific mindset, but more importantly, with passion! We lead and then evaluate. We help to recognize and eliminate roadblocks and obstacles. We do our Lean Business Writing with humility and curiosity. We have fun!

Is this Lean Business Writing for me?

We are here to help

Continuous feedback helps us formulate better decisions in our Lean Business Writing practice and raise awareness of our strengths and areas for improvement to adjust current and future actions. Touch base with us. We are standing by to help you.